Thursday, March 31, 2011


L// Just a quick one. Picked up an elephantmag on the weekend and have got to say that drooling over it's pages has been the most enjoyable experience. This particular issue is all about collage and floating objects, included is the work of Julien Pacaud, Jacob Whibley, Brett Ryder & more, really beautiful work. A great read.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


t// Hi guys! I'm baack! I'm currently in limbo moving cities. Same country, but still a lot of stuff to organise. (This is going to be a short one. But expect more fruity Tessa posts in the near future.)

When I am bored at work, I look on svpply. I want you two to join (unless you already have accounts. do you?). It's super easy, but prepare to be addicted and consequently unproductive. It's basically like another social networking site except based around products. You might get worried that you'll suddenly buy heaps, but actually it acts like a faux buying addiction. Well, for me anyway. Because you "Add" products to your profile, and it's almost like you own these things. Even though it may seem superficial (well, it is) I actually find it inspiring. Makes me want to design stylish, clever, things.

So start an account and follow me on svpply
That's all for now! xx

Monday, March 21, 2011


help japan/

m// in the aftermath of the horrible events in JAPAN Ive come across a lot of these posters on the web created by various artists to raise money and awareness. Im posting these bacause they are visually nice to look at, but mostly to spread the messages and art even more, and hopefully help in a small way. go to FOR JAPAN WITH LOVE to donate or help in other ways.

new math/

m// prints by colorado artist CRAIG DAMRAUER

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I heart typewriters/

m// love. love the look, love the sound, love the feel. i love typewriters.

IKEA cookbook/

m// I would love to get my hands on this amazing IKEA cook book by CARL KLEINER. apparently it was a giveawy to everyone that bought an ikea kitchen a while back...i wonder if its for purchase anywhere though..

Monday, March 7, 2011

nuformer /

l// These 3D projections are custom-made to fit any specific building by NuFormer Digital Media. Thats pretty amazing... the possibilities!!!