Monday, April 25, 2011

salt & pepper/

L// Did a google search to find some reference images for an ordinary pair of salt and pepper shakers and was astounded by the variety of what came up... such fun products available now days. 1. Paperdoll Woodshop 2. Chris Stiles 3. Thabto 4. Think Geek 5. Alexander Zavgorodny 6. Propaganda 7. Joel Hesselgren 8. Prathamesh 9. no info 10. Primal Design

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

La Machine a voyager

t// I found this on Swiss Miss. I love it. But I always wonder with these stunts if the people taking part were actually real members of the public, or employed to act as members of the public... Either way, nice, fun piece of advertising!

Monday, April 18, 2011

nyc take two/

L// Went to NYC recently and these pics (thoms photos) capture some of the highlights for me... probably the most notable strangly enough was the highline park.... exciting I know!!! But seriously this park is insane. Made on the disused ramp of and old railway the park is a long and skinny gem through downtown manhattan. It is truly a very special spot on this planet. I love it when disused space finds a good home in the heart of the local mischief seekers.
My top five
1. The High Line Park
2. The food, eat anywhere, its all great (especially 11th street cafe, thanks Alex!)
3. The Guggenheim.. magic, great view of the park
4. DUMBO (Down under Manhattan and Brooklyn Overpass) creative hub
5. Central Park... it's big