Wednesday, June 30, 2010

grizzly bear/

l// I was lucky enough to catch Grizzly Bear on the first night of three 'Serpenine Sessions' nights in Hyde Park London. It is a relatively new festival that has had the likes of Bon Iver and Regina Spektor last year. This year the main features are, Grizzly Bear (monday night), Patti Smith (last night) and on thursday you can catch Laura Marling. The setting is beautiful and somewhat intimate, I was a little surprised that we were in a tent in the park... seemed like a shame to not be able to watch the fading light and enjoy the music. Grizzly bear did not disappoint, spectacular music filled the gardens... wonder whether the gardeners notice more growth in the gardens when the festival is on? Good good night. Don't you love the album artwork? Art by William O'Brien.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more to say/

l// These little Babushka cards are for people with a little more to say... can't decide on a colour scheme. Design by L.

Monday, June 28, 2010

jewels stevens/

m// have a look at the artwork by my friend and melbourne based artist JEWELS STEVENS. she recently did an artist in residence in REYKJAVIK and produced these wonderful pieces as a result. I love her interpretation of the spectacular ISLANDIC LANDSCAPES and the colours applied to it. the islandic people are strong believers of fairies and the spirit world, and have great respect for everything found around their surroundings and land. jewels also crochets around rocks and pebbles, which i guess could be a response to this; a way of protecting and respecting nature, the little fairies and everything we can't see with the naked eye, but that are coexisting with humans and sharing nature with us. jewels may do her next artist residency in NORWAY. i can't wait to see her interpretations and findings there! her website is still under construction, but click on the title to see more work from this series.

david rosenberg's electric hotel /

l// I saw the most amazing performance last friday night. The set itself had me feeling 'electric' before the performance began. It was a constructed hotel set in an abandoned industrial area a stones throw from kings cross (if you have a good arm and if your stone is quite light!). There were chairs flowering the land infront of the structure and we were given headsets to enjoy the performance with. I had heard mixed reviews about the performance but must say that I was thoroughly pleased and loved the fact that you could peer into multiple rooms at your leisure through the performance to follow your own curiosity. The soundscape was a mix of everyday experiences such as fluffing a pillow or waterbottles clanging, and some very haunting/spirited music. The dancing was inspiring! the crowd was lively, the toilets were vacant and the drinks were .... interesting (still don't know whether I am a fan of warm apple cider). A lovely feature was that the bottom of the hotel was set up as a bar that you could use throughout the performance. There were may stories weaving through the 3 levels of the hotel... covering everything from love gone wrong, to boredom, to a mothers guilt over an unspeakable act. Unfortunately it has finished here in London but if it comes to your city DO NOT MISS IT! But perhaps pass on the cider.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

isle de elba /

l// Sorry people! I have just returned from a glorious holiday on the island of elba off the coast of Italy... life's tuff!! We were situated on a spectacular mountain looking out across the deep blue sea, to get to the water we would drive for 10 minutes down a little road packed with 64 corners, the bell of the church near our place would chime every half hour, and the sunbathing cats were as friendly as the locals. Photos by Adam Arkapaw. (In other news all my stuff has finally arrived from Melbourne now so expect an upgrade in our blogging service from now on!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

odds and ends /

m// these handknitted cactuses by ODDS AND ENDS are just perfect for me and my lack of green thumbs. I might just have to order some! click the title to go to their etsy shop.

Monday, June 21, 2010

who's gonna save my soul /

m// I love this music video for GNARLS BARKLY by sydney based artist CHRIS MILK.

things to make and do/

m// my new scrabble cushion (more to come). loop scarf, hot tip for this winter, incredibly warm!

benja harney /

m// how amazing is the work by sydney based 'paper engineer' BENJA HARNEY! imagine having this as your job! play all day!
I especially love the paper jewellery. Ill wear that! click the title to see more work.

Monday, June 14, 2010

glory b/

m// design done for "CattleRockSpaceJazz" band GLORY B, pormotional ep as well as poster for joint gig with RED ROCKETS OF BORNEO.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

kevin cooley/

l// Kevin Cooley lives and works in Brooklyn as a photographer. Great work. Great blues. Click on the title to view his website, He is also a video artist and you can view his stuff there. Capital!

Monday, June 7, 2010

kat macleod/

m// some of melbourne illustrator KAT MACLEODs beautiful work for VOGUE TRAVEL, through her studio ORTOLAN.


m// I have always been a big fan of melbourne illustrator KAT MACLEODs work. Her wonderfully feminine, fashionable and naive illustrations/collages, using a mix of fabrics & texture with her distinctive line always has me bubbling over in joy and envy. MAN that girl has talent! now little did i know that she is part of the design studio ORTOLAN, which has equally wonderful work. The distinctive hand drawn line is a predominant element here as well, but amazingly fresh and quirky art direction also comes through as a strong drawcard. ortolans has done work for the likes of vogue, bloom, country road, dotti, third drawer down, monkhouse design and the list goes on... click the title to see more of their fresh designs.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

crowded corridor

m// second EP by my friends in KINGBAYLER, CROWDED CORRIDOR. photography is by the talented CAROLINA ROMARE, which i posted about a few weeks ago.