Monday, June 27, 2011

Sølv Studioet /

m// SOME OTHER GREAT FRIENDS of mine are the girls from SØLV STUDIOET , up and coming NORWEGIAN fashion label with a focus on timeless everyday clothing for women.

'The qualities of and the associations we have to the metal silver are used symbolicly for the values SØLV puts into the product. In Norway, as in many cultures, silver is taken care of, looked at as something precious and solid, and passed down from generation to generation. SØLV sees this as a good way to valuate all material things.'

Below is their 2011 AUTUMN/WINTER COLLECTION, 'ÅSE' - Photography by ANDERS SOLBERG

Kevin Azzopardi /

m// A VERY GOOD FRIEND of mine, fashion designer KEVIN AZZOPARDI has his new collection coming up late this European summer. Kevin is originally from MELBOURNE / AUSTRALIA, but we are so fortunate to now have him here in OSLO!

'Kevin Azzopardi is a fashion-based practice and a platform for the exploration and experimentation of fashion as a creative medium. Drawing inspiration from the process of making, Kevin Azzopardi is focused on analyzing conventional methods of construction and finding new ways to assemble garments. The outcomes see the fusion of the structured and the fluid, and represent a modern take on menswear.'

Below is the fall 2011 collection 'WE ARRIVE IN PIECES', photography by MÅRTEN RYNER

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Привет /

L// Here are a few shots from our recent trip to Russia & the Ukraine. I was shocked by a few things. COLOUR - very bold choices for such large buildings. BEAUTY - I had never associated St Petersburg or Kiev with beauty but they are quite stunning. VODKA - you always joke about it but it really is everywhere, you get free shots in tourist shops and upon entering certain restaurants, good for business I suppose! FOOD - maybe it's just nostalgia from being fed Russian food by my grandma, but the food was the most exciting part for me, it's all about salt and it's all about big meals. YOU MUST EAT! ok....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

egg cosy /

L// I have been working on some large cuddly ideas lately. This is the egg cosy, or should it be cosy egg? It's basically a blanket and pillow set hidden within a novelty sized egg, made to look like.... well I think you get it. For extra warmth you can put your feet inside the egg shell. I think it brings new meaning to the phrase, how do you like your eggs?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

city for chicks /

L// Went for a walk in my hood the other day and snapped some shots. Of Particular interest was the bird city I stumbled across. Made from 300 individually designed wooden houses, it's tenants may include birds, bees and insects. The design still allows the tree space to grow and change and is inspired by the georgian style houses surrounding the park. It is the brainchild of London Fieldworks, they are amazing...

Monday, June 6, 2011

love this/


m// came across these inspirational packaging images in an old folder on my computer. It was research for a beer packaging job that me and lee were working on a year ago, and which is finally being completed these days. Thought id share them here..